How To Lose Weight Fast 5kg

 Being overweight has become a major health problem these days. Delicious restaurants and all that choice from all that challenging food in our overcrowded supermarkets, have ensured that this problem becomes increasingly persistent with many adults and children. Reducing weight is therefore a necessary, challenging factor. After all, when you are overweight you may be confronted with health problems - such as diabetes or high blood pressure. Necessary to get fit and lose weight quickly.

 But it can also be time for people with less strong obesity to start losing weight, even if it wasn't just for a better figure. You may also want to lose 5 kg of weight quickly. Below are some steps that can help you lose 5 kg quickly. For more advice, also read our article  10 Tips for Fast Slimming .

 If you want to lose 5 kg of weight quickly, you should nevertheless bear in mind that it can take up to 3 weeks. The more drastic you want to get rid of your weight, the harder it is to sustain and the quicker you will get fat again. Important for losing weight is that you change your way of life. Below are some suggestions for you to help you lose 5 kg in a healthy, responsible manner.

 Step 1 - Moving helps

 When you want to lose weight it is important to move. Paying attention to your diet and exercising as much as possible should be done at the same time, otherwise it will be considerably less effective. Just start walking. This is the most efficient exercise that burns calories. When you are ready, you can also run. Be careful because if you are overweight and you do not walk much, suddenly moving can sometimes lead to complications. So listen to your body and feel what you can and cannot handle.

 Step 2 - Eat carefully selected meals

 A strongly low calorie diet - or crash diet - is not recommended because this is not healthy for your body. Of course those crash diets work, but they make you look unhealthy, weak and with dark circles under your eyes. It is not optimal to lose weight and feel like a zombie. In addition, the temptation is very strong to just go back to eating after a crash diet, so you will quickly see the extra pounds reappear.

 The best beginner tip to lose weight is to know what you are eating. Proteins are your best friends when it comes to losing weight, because your body stores protein less quickly. Your body uses what it needs from the proteins and thereby drains the rest faster. Plus, your body also needs to use more calories to process proteins.

 Step 3 - Tips & Tricks in your daily schedule

 Here are some practical tips on eating which will help you lose 5 kg quickly:

 • Eat when you are hungry. Why? Because your body starts storing fat if you don't respond to your hunger feeling.
 • Eat pieces of carrot, orange, cucumber, tomato, lettuce, radish slices every time you are hungry
 • Eat two good meals a day because your body really needs this and you can also keep your taste buds happy. But don't eat too much. Eat 1/4 of the amount, just enough to take away the feeling of hunger.
 • Avoid greasy things.
 • So eat meals full of proteins. Take meat, fish or protein-rich vegetables and grill, cook it or prepare it in the microwave and you have your low-fat protein-rich meal ready!
 • Drink lots of water. It soothes hunger, makes you feel full and flushes out toxins from your body.
 • Avoid drinking alcohol . Alcohol is a dangerous, secret source of fats / calories.
 If you take these tips to heart, it must be possible within 3 weeks that you may have lost 5 kg, and more importantly you will also lose this 5 kg.

 Fast weight loss

 In short, concentrate on nutritious food: lots of fruit and vegetables, lots of high-quality proteins and a limited amount of whole-grain and carbohydrates. Nuts, fruit and yogurt are good snacks for when you are hungry between meals. And especially drink water and if you want unsweetened tea, herbal teas. Do not drink any soda or eat sweets or junk food. Do not include pastries / cookies / chips in your waste weeks and try to avoid all pre-processed packaged food. Try to go for a brisk walk at least three or four times a week or do a more intensive sport such as swimming for an hour a week.

 Every diet that promises that you can lose 5 kg within a few days, ensures that after this rapid weight loss you will soon have the necessary pounds back and sometimes even more kg have arrived. So choose the sensible route and lose 5 kg or more in a calm way over the longer term.

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