The diet weight loss menu decreased by 6kg in 1 week with 7 days of diet

    Before you start, you need to know the cause and extent of obesity, so that you can improve it reasonably.

    Obesity is a condition of excess weight , fat accumulation in a certain area or body. Obese people are often at risk of serious diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, respiratory diseases ...

    The main reason comes from the living conditions and the development of society, many people are too dependent on urbanization and lazy lifestyle.

 What you need is a logical weight loss menu with a balanced nutritional system that is the most important factor, accounting for 70% of the weight loss success.

 Besides eating properly, you should increase your physical activity by exercising or playing sports at least 3 times a week.

  Today, the World Health Organization often uses body mass  index (BMI) to determine the condition of lean fat, but moreover you know the fat distribution through the waist-hip ratio. and total cardiovascular risk factors.

  BMI is closely related to body fat and total body fat.

  BMI is calculated by dividing the weight (kg) for the square (meter) by the formula.

  calculate bmi

  However there are many cases of normal BMI but still looks fat, which is due to excessive fat. Focus heavily on visible parts of the body such as the belly, thighs, buttocks, biceps and chin.

  Therefore , a proper diet and science is not just for obese people, but even ordinary people who want a good health and a well-proportioned physique should also apply.

  Slimming diet: Harmful ways to lose weight
  Fasting to lose weight : Many people think that this is a quick way to lose weight , to eat less is to lose weight, reduce as much energy as possible, to consume as much calories as possible.

  Many people also apply the " 3 in 1 ? weight loss method , eat only one meal a day with some green vegetables and drink lots of water. Repeatedly, not only did it not have good results but it also depressed the body, fatigue, loss of resistance and possible digestive diseases.

  Diet to lose belly fat:  weight loss must always go hand in hand with exercise and vice versa, if you practice then you have to care about nutrition. Because of the lack of either, you cannot successfully lose weight.

  Reducing belly fat is harder than losing a lot of weight, and sometimes you have a skinny body and still have big belly and belly fat. This problem has another solution.

   Make the diet too strict : If you're just dieting all the time, it will definitely not work by incorporating a reasonable mix. Supplement many essential minerals like foods rich in protein, fiber and essential vitamins.

   Eat really well and fast for a long time : Many people keep calculating their meals right away, being very careful that their bodies are always wary of food.

   Eating well will lose hunger and " wrong " appetite . Because our body always follows a certain operating process, if you change it will affect the digestive system and cause digestive disorders.

   Workout to exhaustion: Many people think that just practicing sports, Gym, running a lot ... Being able to lose weight effectively.

   But do you know that losing your workout will affect your health without helping you lose weight. Just practice properly and gently " don't torture yourself "

  Perhaps you feel the article is a bit long ...

  But here we not only give you a menu to lose weight.

  But also a combination of detailed weight loss ways. So you don't have to find any more information about weight loss and keep fit.


  Build a proper and effective scientific weight loss menu
  To be able to build the  most effective and safe weight - loss menu , you should adjust your diet in a scientific way.

  A balanced diet combines movement and sports, especially giving up smoking and alcohol. For high-obese people, take a replacement diet to control weight or use a completely weight-loss diet.

  Researchers point out that eating just over 70 calories a day will lead to weight gain, although these small calories may not be easy to recognize.

  Especially when we eat energy-rich foods, leading to energy accumulation within the body. Over time, it will form fat instead of muscle and cause obesity .

  Diets for people with weight loss must balance all the nutrients needed to regulate proper levels of nutrient consumption.

  By calculating the calories loaded every day at a rate of 55% from carbohydrates , 30% fat , 15% Protein and can change the fat rate to 20% if you want to lose weight faster.

  Practice your daily habits of eating and eating home-cooked foods. There are not many fat ingredients, sugar and vitamins, preservatives ... Will help you feel more secure about a safe weight loss menu.

  After achieving the weight you want, you can increase your calorie intake. But to lose weight long-term and stay in shape forever, diet and exercise must also be maintained regularly.

  The short-term diet diet menu will also give you good, but not long-lasting, results, as well as health safety issues.
  Change eating habits to lose weight faster
  Because quick want to have a nice shape many people have come to fast weight loss method , in a short time to meet some specific requirements. Although these can help you lose weight fast and safely, do not rely too much on living conditions.

  Pay attention to your diet, not to be physically active and exercise at least 3 times a week.

  Studies suggest that getting enough rest and sleep reduces fat and fat consumption twice as much in the body.

  Getting enough sleep at night is important for you to work continuously tomorrow. People who are insomnia or sleep less will make the body tired and cause obesity

  6 foods should be limited in weight loss menu
  Fat: Fat- rich foods are often delicious, making it easy to forget about weight loss tasks. Fat has twice the energy level of sugar, contains more calories and can be converted into free fatty acids and stored in the body.

  So a diet high in fat will lead to excess calories and weight gain. This is not just a recommendation for people who want to lose weight that people need in general.

  Starch: You have heard the Lowcarb diet is widely used today. This is one of the most restrictive methods of weight loss to eat starches. Only supplement with fiber, fat and protein, limit starch almost absolute.

  However, saying no to starch is impossible, because starch plays an important role in the whole body and brain activity, dieting for 1 week or a month is very difficult.

  So substitute with low-starch rice like brown rice, ordinary rice. Limit eating starch from bread, flour, potatoes, carrots and some fruits ...

  Fast food: Sometimes you won't have enough time to prepare your own weight loss menu. But did you know that snacks like chips, cakes, ice cream, etc. are foods that make your weight increase rapidly.

  These are foods that are high in fat, sugar and chemicals, which cause weight gain and loss of control. Therefore, remove these dishes from the slimming menu.

  Fruits and milk: Milk contains a lot of Calcium which is good for health, but some whole milk and fruit are not the right choice because they contain lots of fat.

  Butter and durian have the same fat and protein content as fat meat. Be careful with the advice of eating lots of fruits that can help you lose weight! Because not all fruits have the same effect.

  Tobacco and alcohol: If you want to lose weight successfully and quickly, say no to cigarettes and alcohol. Not only seriously affecting health but also causing the body to fall into uncontrolled weight gain. Especially for men the percentage of belly fat is mostly from alcohol.

  Carbonated drinks: This is one of the most common causes of obesity in the world, especially in developed countries. Even if you choose non-sweet and exclusive diets, it's not a healthy method. Replace it with filtered water or reasonable juice.

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