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  Quickly lose as much weight as possible - This is the goal of many weight loss takers who want to quickly lose a few extra pounds before a party, an event or the upcoming bikini season. In such cases one often resorts to radical dietary forms such as fasting diets, formula diets or very one-sided crash diets in which the term "health" takes a back seat.
  The result: you actually lose weight, which is not surprising when it comes to drastically reducing calories. But: The weight loss is mainly due to the loss of water, the lost fat content, however, is limited. And worst of all: In addition to water, our body also degrades valuable muscle tissue during one-sided starvation diets. Here are muscles of the body's own fat burning ovens , which increase our basal metabolic rate and ensure that we consume a lot of calories even when at rest.

  One-sided and radical crash diets are good at losing weight fast, but not permanently. The awkward receipt will follow promptly as soon as we start eating "normally." After overcoming hunger cure, the body is now looking forward to more food and storing as many nutrients as possible for poorer times. The well-known Jojo effect sends greetings. Because: Anyone can lose weight, but can only keep the weight permanently.

  "Permanent" is the magic word. Most diets are only designed for a few days or weeks and lure with sensational weight loss of five to even 10 kilos. It should be clear to anyone with common sense that such high weight loss can not be healthy or permanent in no time. If you lose weight fast, you have to be prepared to regain weight just as quickly. On the other hand, those who lose weight slowly and permanently change their diet may also expect to be able to maintain their weight permanently.
  "Forever Slim" strategy
   It is not easy to lose weight and it is even harder to keep weight permanently. Almost everyone has ever dieted, but only a few have managed to stay slim permanently. The  "forever slim" strategy therefore does not build on the function of a short-term diet. You do not have to mortify yourself or go hungry or give up your beloved food. The only thing you need is patience. Patience is the key to customer success . But it is often difficult to be patient when dealing with oneself, especially when it comes to losing weight.
   Quickly lose weightPersonal weight is a very emotional thing for many people and can stand for both fear of failure, frustration, demotivation, anger and anger, as well as for pride, well-being, happiness, self-esteem and appreciation for themselves. Who is dissatisfied with his weight, understandably wants to change something quickly in the unsatisfactory condition. The feelings we associate with our weight make us particularly vulnerable to radical, costly diets and empty promises. It is quite logical that losing weight takes time, after all, the excess pounds have not landed overnight on the hips. It is important to keep this in mind and not be too strict with yourself and your body.

  And if you think about what's better: quickly lose weight and risk the yo-yo effect or lose weight slowly and remain slim, the second option is ultimately much faster and more pleasant. For, contrary to radical diets, the  "For ever lean" strategy is about finding out how to change your diet, life and physical activity forever . It's not just about diet change, it's about optimizing your lifestyle. Both together contribute to a healthier eating habits, a more erroneous lifestyle, more (everyday) exercise and less stress.

               7 tips to lose weight permanently

  For permanent weight loss, there is no magic recipe. Whether it's low fat, low carb, atkins or lean in your sleep - weight loss is based on the same principle with every diet: consuming fewer calories than you consume. This calorie deficit is a prerequisite to losing weight. Therefore, all diets based on calorie-reduced diet and / or exercise can be successful.
  With the   "forever slimming" strategy , you go one step further by trying to keep your customer success in the long term. Here are 10 tips to permanently lose weight and stay slim:

                  Tip 1: Think long term 

  Only those who think long term stay slim permanently! In other words, you should allow yourself and your body the time to lose weight slowly but steadily. Only then does the skin have a chance to slowly regress. The advantage of the long-term method is that you do not have to make radical crash diets that are preprogrammed for one-sided nutrition and starvation. On the contrary: A long-term, healthy and balanced diet means variety, fun eating and above all, that you can eat enough. Before changing your diet, you should expect that the changes will ideally last a lifetime and that the Libra will have small but continuous successes. Who takes the illusion to lose 10 pounds in two weeks,

               Tip 2: Drink a lot, but right

 Alone the drinks can consume up to half of the daily calorie requirement without conscious enjoyment. A latte macchiato and orange juice for breakfast, a Coke for lunch, a cocoa in between and beer or wine in the evening - Already hit the drinks alone with up to 1,000 calories to book and that, although the food is not even included! Who wants to lose weight and save calories, should start with the drinks. Ideally, you only get calorie-free drinks, such as water , unsweetened tea and black coffee without milk and sugar.

 Especially water contributes significantly to the customer success. A glass before eating saturates, water has no calories, stimulates the metabolism and promotes well-being. There may be 2-3 liters distributed throughout the day, and not only when the thirst comes. The best way to get used to always having a bottle of water with you. This makes regular drinking a healthy habit. Juices, mixed milk drinks, specialty coffees and soft drinks, on the other hand, contain a lot of fat, sugar and therefore also calories and thus endanger the success of the customers.

                     Tip 3: Vegetables full!

         Vegetables full!The vegetables are healthy and good for losing weight is not new. And indeed vegetables are probably the most perfect diet when it comes to losing weight and staying slim permanently. Vegetables are usually low in calories , rich in vitamins, trace elements and fiber and therefore it is soothing and long-lasting. Whether leafy lettuce, cabbage, paprika or tomato - they all have few calories compared to their volume, so you can eat properly enough without endangering the success of the customer. Thanks to the many delicious vegetables, it never gets boring on the plate. Here everyone will find their favorite vegetables! Beware of starchy vegetablessuch as potatoes, boiled carrots, corn lentils, peas, kidney beans, beans, etc. They contain more starch and therefore more calories. Despite their high health value you should access here less often or in moderation.

                  Tip 4: Get the protein!

      Protein is the nutritional value that is most important for weight loss. Protein not only supplies the body with important nutrients, it also saturates well and prevents muscle breakdown . Many dieters are making big mistakes and starving during their diet. Meat, fish, eggs & Co. are rarely on the plate. But those who rely only on vegetables and water during their diet lose valuable muscle mass, which reduces the basal metabolic rate. The metabolism is slowed down and so we later gain more weight again. In order to prevent the yo-yo effect, it is essential to supply your body with sufficient protein during the weight loss phase (and afterwards). Another advantage of a high-protein diet: It causes a slow increase in blood sugar levelsso that fat burning can continue to run effectively. Those who also want to save calories, choose lean sources of protein, such as poultry, cooked ham, eggs (without egg yolk), curd cheese, Harz cheese and low-fat cottage cheese.

               Tip 5: omit carbohydrates in the evening
    In contrast to protein-rich foods, carbohydrate-rich foods cause an increase in blood sugar levels . As a result, our body releases insulin, which, however, is responsible for the storage and not the breakdown of fat. The result: The fat burning is blocked and put the body in the fat storage mode. Of course, this can have fatal consequences for the character. But not all carbohydrates are the same. Depending on the glycemic index (GLYX for short), foods have different effects on blood sugar levels, so that more or less insulin is released. Anyone who wants to lose weight should go to foods with low GLYXsuch as vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Although they also contain carbohydrates, but do not cause strong fluctuations in blood sugar levels, which in turn can cause food cravings. In the evening, however, one should do without carbohydrates as much as possible in order to keep the nocturnal fat burning phase as long as possible. Some vegetables or salad, for example as a side dish to steak or fish are      perfect!

               Tip 6: Do without finished products

     Industrially produced foods are one of the biggest causes of obesity. They are not only expensive but also rich in fat, sugar and chemical additives . The addition of flavor enhancersIt makes sure that we perceive finished products as delicious, but these are often too sweet or too salty, which dulls our sense of taste. Over time, you need more and more of the stuff to achieve a sense of satiety or satisfaction in eating. Conversely, more finished products only means more sugar, more fat and even more calories. It's often hard to spot finished products at first glance, but even simple foods, such as ordinary mustard and tomato ketchup, often contain hidden sugars. Who wants to escape this calorie trap, should take the time and dare to look into the list of ingredients, The more ingredients a food contains, the less healthy it is. Those who want to lose weight and stay slim all the time are better off using natural, fresh and untreated foods made from just one ingredient.

                    Tip 7: Exercise must be!

     Lose weight through exerciseSport is Murder - Especially Sporty Inactive people who want to lose weight prefer to save on food rather than doing sports. Too big is an inner bastard, too laborious effort and too plausible excuses. It not only decreases faster by supporting movement units, you can then eat more, prevents muscle breakdown, stimulates the metabolism and fat burning and increases the basal metabolic rate .
      In short, sport is an important element in keeping you slim in the long run. It does not work without regular sports and everyday activities. Even if it initially costs overcoming, it is worthwhile to integrate more exercise into everyday life step by step. Even 20-30 minutes a day is better than no movement. Even small changes have a big impact: staircase instead of elevator, bike instead of car, walk instead of TV. Quickly you burn with these changes up to 500 calories more a day. Slim people are not necessarily sports freaks, they are just more active!

     Anyone who, in addition to the daily routine, still integrates 3-4 units of endurance and strength training , kills two birds with one stone: On the one hand, endurance sport burns many calories and strengthens the cardiovascular system. On the other hand, strength training creates valuable muscle mass that consumes many calories even when at rest. You do not need to have fear of muscle mountains (as a woman). On the contrary, strenuous strength training defines the body and gives it a beautiful shape. Another benefit of exercise and exercise: both reduce stress and prevent us from falling into old habits such as eating bouts.
     If it has to go fast ...
     Only the long-term path can be the permanent solution for a slim body. Nevertheless, there are always appointments and events that you would like to lose a few pounds quickly. As long as this remains the exception, a faster weight loss is possible. However, one should pay attention to a few things, so as not to endanger his health. Here are some tips to lose weight fast (apply for 2-3 days!):
     Do without carbohydrates (sweets, bread, pasta, rice, potatoes and even fruit!)
     Do without dairy products (milk, cheese, cottage cheese, etc.)
     Eating lean protein products: fish, meat, seafood, eggs (without yolk)
     Eat vegetables and salads (except potatoes, boiled carrots, corn, peas, beans)
     Drink a lot (water, unsweetened tea, black coffee)
     No alcohol, no finished products!
     Eat full!
     30-60 minutes endurance sports a day

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