How to lose weight fast (Sample menu included)

To lose weight fast the main secret is to make changes in lifestyle such as decreasing the amount of daily calories, increasing physical activity by doing mainly cardiovascular exercises to burn the accumulated fat in the body and, in addition to this, it must be clear the goal you want to achieve Therefore, these changes at the food level should include more natural and less processed foods, increasing the consumption of water, fruits, vegetables and whole foods to increase the supply of fibers to the body, reducing fats, precooked foods and foods rich in simple carbohydrates.

It is always recommended that the weight loss be accompanied by a nutritionist, since you can develop a nutritional plan tailored to individual needs, the health condition and lifestyle of the person, thus avoiding the rebound effect and increasing the weight lost with the passage of time.

3-day menu to lose weight
In the table below there is an example menu of 3 days of a hypocaloric diet:

Foods Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
Breakfast 1 glass of almond milk + 1 slice of whole wheat bread + 1 slice of white cheese 1 low-fat yogurt + 4 crackers of the cream cracker type Milk shake with skim milk + 1 tbsp wheat bran + 1 whole wheat fajita + 1 tbsp white cheese
Morning snack 1 apple 1 pear 6 pieces of almonds + 2 squares of dark chocolate
Lunch dinner Grilled chicken breast + 3 tbsp brown rice + cole slaw, tomato and grated beetroot + 1 tsp olive oil + 1 orange 1 cooked fish wheel + 2 cooked small potatoes + cabbage salad + 1 tsp olive oil +1 pin slice Chicken fillet in natural tomato sauce + 3 tbsp chickpeas + carrot, broccoli and chayota salad + 1 tsp olive oil + 1/2 cup strawberries
Afternoon snack 1 low-fat yogurt + 5 nuts 1 slice of whole wheat bread +2 tbsp ricotta cheese Detox juice with cabbage, orange and flaxseed + 10 pcs of peanuts
Starting any diet by performing a detox can help achieve the results faster. For this, see how to do it here .

4 secrets to lose weight fast
To lose weight fast there are some recommendations that you should follow such as:

Drink green tea daily , as it moisturizes and helps treat fluid retention, decreasing swelling in the body. See other diuretic teas that decrease fluid retention ;
Drink more water , avoid sodas, pasteurized juices, do not eat sweets, avoid sauces, and alcoholic beverages;
Eat in small quantities several times a day , making 5 to 6 daily meals such as breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and optionally you can make a snack at night, with an interval of 3 hours between each meal ;
Increase the consumption of fibers, through the daily intake of foods such as fruits with peel, raw vegetables, cereal bread, flaxseed, flours and brown rice. Another option is to drink a fiber-rich food supplement such as Benefiber.

Medications to lose weight fast
Some examples of natural solutions to lose weight can be: coconut oil in capsules, orange-bitter, glucomannan, flaxseed and chitosan. However, medications such as  orlistat  or saxenda , can be prescribed by the doctor to help with weight loss, especially when obesity puts health at risk.

In any case, opting for natural solutions such as taking green tea or a supplement with spirulina, are healthier alternatives to achieve the ideal weight and help speed up the metabolism by burning localized fat and helping to lose the belly.

Exercises to lose weight fast
The exercises to lose weight fast are those that help burn calories such as walking, running, biking, dancing, swimming or exercise to work muscles, must do at least 30 minutes a day to help increase metabolism and facilitate weight loss.

However, the most important thing is to choose an exercise that you like, in this way you will not give up easily the practice of physical activity that is essential to lose weight fast. See  what are the best exercises to lose weight .

Let's talk first about what NOT TO DO:
The diet of oats, pineapple, juices, chia, etc, are diets that promise to lose many kilos in a few days ... but REMEMBER THAT EASY COMES, EASY GOES!

... these are harmful to your metabolism, they make you eat as soon as you finish them and fall into a vicious circle of guilt and bad habits within a few days of having finished them. There are methods that confuse you and make you threaten your health ...


Each food is composed of nutrients necessary for your body to develop specific activities, this means that if you eliminate a certain amount of nutrients BASIC, you will logically notice abnormal and unfavorable changes in your body such as dizziness, discouragement, general malaise, low temperature, bradycardia ( low heart rate), little cell regeneration, low sugar levels among others .


It is essential to give your body the necessary calories to keep you alive, not one more, not one less. Finally the body is very wise, to feel attacked begins to assess that it is not smart to continue spending the same amount that was spending before, and then begins to save from your reserves, that means that your body will begin to consume itself and maybe you will say wow! Yes! I'll look thinner! And not! IT IS NOT LIKE THIS! The numbers can go down in the first few days, however you will LOSE a LOT of water and muscle and little fat! ... or nothing intelligent! YOU HAVE TO HAVE A BALANCE!


Everything depends on each body!

Avoid the extremes!

Avoid the "zero carbs" diet ... You will lose a lot of water and muscle along with your absence and you will fall into the trap that the amount of kilos is being lost by fat and it will not be like that.

Your body needs the three macronutrients , proteins (meats, eggs, cheeses, some sausages), carbohydrates (flours, biscuits, breads, toast, rice, potatoes, cassava, bananas, pasta), and fats (avocado, oils, butter, among others). Vitamins and water are contained between them, however the consumption of water should elevate it according to your requirement.

The number on the scale can be deceiving!

e word "fast" can be for some people a week or it can be for another person two weeks or a month ... Then let's start from a base: It is indispensable to consume all the food groups , these are: Proteins, preferably not simple carbohydrates ( fruits, vegetables, vegetables, wholemeal toast, whole wheat bread, whole grain crackers, brown rice, among others), few simple sugars (sweets, desserts, cookies with cream, sugar, brown sugar, among others), healthy fat (avocado, olive oil , nuts like nuts, pistachios, almonds, among others) and pure water. All of these food groups should go on your five meals a day.

The number of meals in the day is five and here are the reasons:

Consuming five times of food in the day is basic to accelerate the metabolism! That means that you will make your body work more times during the day, which will cause you to spend more energy on it, that is, burn more calories !! Interesting no? ... And to top off a tip! ...

Within the five meal times we have:

Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and dinner.

Breakfast must be consumed every day!


And for what reason?

... Simply because your body takes 7 or 8 hours of fasting while you rest at night, that is, urgently needs to be "tankado" as well as a car without gasoline! ... There are also "glucose dependent" organs, that is, they depend on glucose (sugar good to fulfill its functions), one of them is nothing more and nothing less than THE BRAIN! ... Therefore it is not negotiable to leave quickly without sitting down to eat, square your schedule, wake up five minutes before, consume a whole fruit preferably and not in juice to preserve the fiber and help your intestine to function well during the day , consume some wholemeal flour either toast, wholemeal bread, cookies, thin flat arepa, consume also a hot drink of your choice.

If you are overweight or obese, it is best to avoid dairy products , otherwise you can consume them peacefully or exchange them for soy if you prefer, and finally accompany your breakfast with a portion of protein such as egg (not fried), lean ham, cheese among others.

Snacks are two light meals that must be done to accomplish the task of accelerating metabolism as well. These should be consumed three hours after breakfast and three hours after lunch, therefore type 9:30 am and type 4:30 pm you should put an alarm on your cell phone the first few days, to remember your appointment with snacks!

A snack may contain:
A whole fruit or a natural juice low in sugar or no sugar as you prefer, and a varied accompaniment in the week as low fat cheese and other times a packet of wholemeal crackers, the idea is that always go a fruit! So that fiber of the fruit, will help the carbohydrates are absorbed slowly and avoid anxiety during the afternoon or evening , which usually happens when we skip meals!


Lunch basically should consist of a lean protein every day, if you are vegetarian or vegan, can eat tofu, seaweed, or your recommended by your nutritionist header vegetable protein, it is important to include this nutrient always, as training aid muscle, has functions of tissue formation, cell regeneration, among others.

KEYS ...

Additionally, lunch should have a good portion of salad, a good portion means a medium plate or half a large plate of normal lunch , or half of your lunch should be composed of salad, it can be vegetable salad or additionally you can use fruits, the important thing is that this important portion is included there.


The rice, the potato, the banana, the yucca, should go in small portions according to appetite or according to requirement, if you are tempted by the potato chips, simply do not buy and discipline them to consume steamed potatoes or in other preparations, in the same way banana and yucca, always remember to avoid fried foods, the oil used to fry food becomes dark as it is used, that makes it dangerous for your health causing "bad" fat to adhere to your arteries and possibly It can trigger in an unexpected situation like a heart attack. Therefore, it is preferable to choose steam or grilled preparations.


Dinner can be very light or normal according to your habits, you should not always follow what the neighbor or google says, listen to your body! There are days when the appetite is at its highest level, there are other days that nothing pleases us, then you must educate your body! There are days then of protein and salad dinner, there are days of protein dinner and a fruit, there are days of coffee or hot drink with a sandwich or an integral tortilla with MANY VEGETABLES AND PROTEIN ... Then listen to your body!


Everything depends on your body composition, it is not the same to measure 1.50 mt and be obese to measure 1.50 mt and be thin, therefore you must know what your body composition is , in the same way it happens if you present any disease, not It is the same a person who suffers from hormonal irregularity to one that does not present or a person suffering from atherosclerosis (arteries that have adhered fat which prevents the flow of correct blood, leading to serious consequences such as heart attacks) to a healthy person. These recommendations given above are for healthy people.

BY REDUCING PORTIONS you can achieve 80% of the result in a short time!

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