Here is how to lose weight! Diet & Exercise 3 steps to lose weight

Let's reduce weight!
Do you have a desire to "know how to lose weight!" And "want to lose weight and lose weight"?

Weight is anxious and I want to reduce it efficiently.

When you look at it professionally, it is effective to control your diet in a fun way to lose weight, and it is important to see long-term fluctuations in weight !

The client who received the instruction also succeeds this way.

Successful diet
We will publish the know-how of the diet Plez that makes the body beautiful and fun so that you can read your weight well!

Let's lose body fat and lose weight!
Body weight is the body's weight, which is mainly composed of body fat, muscles, organs, bones, water and sugars.

Of course, it is important to "drop body fat and lose weight" in order to change the appearance and get a healthy body .

You can lose weight by losing your muscles, but if you lose muscles, you may lose your body and your metabolism (= calories consumed) will drop a little.

You can also lose weight and lose water and carbohydrates, but it will not change in appearance and will quickly return to its original weight.

It works well for weighing sports such as boxers, but for style and health, try to lose body fat and lose weight!

If you practice the right diet method with reduced points, you can lose body fat and weight firmly.

Calorie is the most important to lose weight!
pointpoint In
order to reduce body fat and lose weight, it is the most important thing to make calorie intake <consumed calories !

I think there are various methods and information on dieting.

Among them, the most important point is to make the state of consumed calories <consumed calories .

The calories consumed are the energy consumed by the diet, and the calories consumed are the energy consumed by the body.

If you eat calories <consumed calories, energy will be insufficient just by eating.

If you do so, you will lose energy using body fat and lose weight.

Intake calories> consumed calories, body fat will increase regardless of how much exercise you take and your diet
If you eat calories <consumed calories, body fat will decrease even if you don't eat just sweets and junk food and exercise.

Calorie balance is the most important point in a diet that determines fatness and weight loss.

Firmly consumed calories <You can lose weight and lose weight by making the state of consumed calories!

Even those who can receive diet instruction with "Diet Plez" can lose body fat and weight by performing calorie control.

How to lose weight happily!
pointpoint You can practice your diet happily by
changing the food you eat a little !

Ingested calories <To make the state of consumed calories, it is necessary to reduce the consumed calories or raise the consumed calories.

The effective thing is to control the diet and reduce the calorie intake .

That's because it's much easier to consume 100 kcal with a meal than consuming 100 kcal with exercise and it doesn't take much time or energy.

And with the right way of holding points, you can lose weight while enjoying your meal!

Change what you eat and have fun!
It is important to control your diet and reduce calories to lose weight and lose weight.
Even if it says to reduce calories, the worry that "I have to play with eating ..." is fine.
Rather than "do not eat", "changing the food to reduce calories" is the point to diet while enjoying a meal.

For example, when eating beef, choose peach instead of roses.
Then, even if you eat the same amount, the calories will be about half.
As a rule of thumb, it is possible to reduce body weight and body fat by 1 kg in one month only by suppressing 250 kcal a day.
Instead of "do not eat", you can practice diet while enjoying a similar diet by "select and change what you eat ."

It is also possible to reduce the total calories while enjoying sweets, carbs and liquors!
It is the actual meal of the client who dropped kg 15 kg in 6 months!

Diet example of successful dieter
-A breathtaking anniversary dinner-
Diet example of diet success person's anniversaryDiet example of diet success person's anniversary

Image for PC
Make your beautiful body fun!
Diet instruction that professional also receives

Diet Plez's consultants teach
you to lose weight!

Support for diet and exercise with exercise!
Exercise increases calories burned, which helps to reduce body fat and weight.

However, because the effect is considerably reduced compared to meals, people who do not like it do not have to exercise!

Even if you don't exercise, the body uses fat in daily activities such as creating cardio activity, body temperature, standing and walking.

Therefore, if you reduce the calories of your diet, your body fat will fall without exercise.

About 70% of the clients of "Diet Plez" are practicing diet without aerobic exercise.

About 10% of those who do not have muscle training or aerobics are also about 10%, but those people are also losing weight and body fat firmly in their diet.

The main diet is to eat, it is recommended that exercise be practiced at these two points .

1 Eat what you like during a diet

2 do a diet without dropping muscles

Let's focus on diet!
pointIt is recommended
to go to the point diet mainly on the diet and aerobic exercise to do what you like to eat in the consumed minutes !

Because aerobic exercise increases calories consumed, it is effective for dieting.

However, aerobic exercise is not as effective as it takes time and effort.

The calories consumed for one hour of exercise are around 100 to 200 kcal.

This is about 1/3 to 2/3 cups of calories for rice.

If body fat is to be dropped by exercise, a drop of only 1 kg will require about 300 km for walking by a person weighing 50 kg .

I think that even if I sweat and lose weight temporarily, my body fat doesn't decrease easily, and I lose my motivation instead.

If it is a meal, you can cut about 200 kcal just by changing the type of 100 g of beef.

Most people think that eating can be easier if "one hour of exercise" and "changing the type of meat" have the same effect .

Support your diet with aerobic exercise!
As for how to take in aerobic exercise, it is recommended not to " drop weight and body fat with exercise " but to "support for eating" !

To the last, let's eat at the heart of the diet.

And, you can enjoy your favorite things such as sweets, liquor, carbohydrates, etc. for aerobic exercise and calories consumed!

If you "do not eat with exercise" but "to eat something you like", aerobic exercise will have the expected effect!

Clients of "Diet Plez" are also practicing aerobic exercise as "to eat sweets" and "adjustment when over-eating".

-Sweets after client aerobics-

Sweets 3 of the reward for aerobic exercise
Let's make a body with sharp feeling in muscle training!

  • muscle training is effective in creating a sharp body without losing muscles during dieting !
  • If you do effective muscle training while on a diet, your muscles will be less likely to fall.
  • If you diet normally, fat and muscles will fall at a ratio of about 3: 1.

Base article: Weight loss composition is one-fourth fat-free mass: a critical review and critique of this widely quoted rule.

So, if you do muscle training, it will be difficult for your muscles to fall.

Keeping the muscles and dropping only the fat will allow the muscle lines to float and give you a cool, sharp body!

Muscle training is more effective than making a diet!
Let's do muscle training not to "drop weight and body fat" but to "do not drop muscle" .

Actually, as with aerobic exercise, muscle training is not very effective.

Muscle training is a hard exercise, but there are many rest periods, so even if you go for one hour, you consume about 100 to 150 kcal.

In addition, even if 1 kg of muscle is added at last, the basal metabolism increases by 10 to 30 kcal a day.

Base article: Effect of resistance training on resting metabolic rate and its estimation by a dual-energy X-ray absorption metabolic map.

After all, diet is effective in reducing weight and body fat.

Let's make a beautiful body with muscle training!
If you look at your weight only, you will lose more weight if you lose muscles.

However, when the muscles are reduced, the body may become loose and the slack may remain.

Even if you lose weight, if you don't lose your muscles, you can get a beautiful, cool body!

3 steps to lose weight!

  •  Change what you eat, eat calories <Make consumed calories, and drop body fat!
  • Let's do aerobic exercise as eating support to eat favorite things!
  •  Muscle training, let's do to make the body with sharp!

Let's use weight as a standard after seeing long-term fluctuation!
If you drop your body fat with the correct diet, your weight will be reduced accordingly.

Weight is a guide to dieting.

However, there are two important precautions when looking at weight on a diet .
If you forget this point, you may lose your diet, or you may not be in a beautiful style even if you lose weight.

Here are two caveats.

1 In the short term, weight moves independently of the outcome of the diet
2 Weight is not the purpose of the diet

Weight is used as a "diet indicator" and "seeing monthly changes" will help make your diet successful!

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