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The only person who still holds the traditional herbal weight loss method of the family

I just need you to trust, beat obesity you can let me worry, to reduce how much weight is possible
She shared: I am currently the only person left in the family to inherit the traditional method of weight loss medicine. My home from dozens of generations ago was famous all over the place with this method. But later on, every person in every industry, no one is passionate about his father's tradition, only I am still a passionate daughter and continue to succeed. According to what my ancestors passed on, only my family could hold the herbal secrets of weight loss. Although natural medicinal ingredients are simple, the weight loss effect is extremely magical. Maybe readers will not believe what I share but the truth is how many people come to me and want to be fat and want to come out like I can help.
Throughout the North is spreading wildly about herbal weight loss of traditional medicine in Vietnam. Herbal articles originated from Ba Dung's Pham family

When we asked her about the ingredients of medicinal herbs, she also did not hesitate to share, Mrs. Dung said: The medicinal ingredients of our family's main ingredients include (Voi Voi, Son Tra, Hoe Hoa, Kim Ngan Hoa, Red Lucid Mushroom, Lotus Leaf, Envelope ... and a few medicinal ingredients of Meo people. Although the composition of the secret method is very simple, this herb must be grown in the land of this village, but it is not effective to use herbs grown elsewhere.
She added, "I want to reduce fat where this is reduced." I only need to change a little dose of this taste, it will produce different results, when we ask more clearly, she said: this is the secret of the family, the one who comes to buy our herbs more

Mr. Dao Duy shared: Because the job has to receive many visitors and I go to the construction site very busy, I have no time to exercise much. One day, I went on a business trip, and one of my partners introduced Mrs. Dung's weight to medicine. I tried a route for 1 month but during the time I was still going to the receptionist, I was very worried that I could not reduce the weight but after 2 weeks I had 5kg weight loss to be too effective. I have now lost weight from 82kg to 65kg. I used it half a year ago but now I don't gain weight again.
Mr. Duy flew out to Ho Chi Minh City just to ask for her herbal medicine When my baby was born, my stomach was full of fat, my body was fat. When my child was 1 year old, I was still fat. My husband said that he loved me but I knew when he looked at me it was not the same. Just because of this body. That's why I found every way to reduce it, but everything I did could only reduce a few kilograms. When I was depressed, I met my old friend and shared it with this herbal medicine. I had to brutally ask my husband to take me to Ba Dung's house to ask for a way. I took herbal for exactly 2 months and had reduced it by 15Kg I was happy not to tighten it, after reducing my husband I had another look for me. I came here today to thank her for her that I have regained my confidence
Ms. Hien in Hanoi reduced from 65kg to 53kg

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