How to lose 10 kilos

The key to lose weight 10kg is to make the decision to want to do it, that is, it is in your hands to get it, you just have to change some habits and we will give you the guidelines to achieve it.

To begin with, you should know that you do not have to hurry. If we recommend losing weight is to improve health and yes, surely it will also improve your image, but it would not make sense to look better if you put your health to the limit.

A good rate of weight loss is around 0.5kg per week, which would be 2kg per month and in about 5 months you will have lost 10kg. So do not consider "follow a diet", if not change your habits forever , this way you will not only lose weight but also keep it. Pose to follow a diet to lose weight 10kg in a month in  addition to not realistic, rest assured that it will affect your health and that you will get a rebound effect in the following months that will affect your future ability to maintain a healthy weight.

Change chip right now, your goal is "from now on I will eat healthy." This mentality will help you better integrate the diet at your pace of life, because by not taking it as something temporary, you have to work all situations, meals, trips and other commitments without the weight of "I'll have to jump".

It is not about following strict diets in which food groups are limited. It's about eating from all the food groups to get all the nutrients that our body needs. The strategy is based on taking fewer calories than we spend at the expense of sugars and fats, especially those that are not healthy. This strategy is called a hypocaloric diet.

In the following article, my colleagues Laia Gómez and Juana Mª González tell you all the keys to lose 10 kilos.

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What does a diet to lose weight 10 kg include?

Preferably skimmed (milk, yogurt and fresh cheese 0%). If you drink vegetable drinks, choose those enriched in calcium.


All vegetables are recommended. Inclúyelas both in food and dinner as a main dish, from the leaves for salad, tomato, cucumber ... to vegetables such as eggplant or zucchini, or cruciferous (broccoli, cabbage ...) and also mushrooms.


All fruits are also recommended, including bananas! The ideal is to take 2 or 3 servings every day. You can take it for dessert or between hours. They are an ideal snack.


This group of foods is what we use energetically, as if it were our gasoline. We must take it so that the body can perform its functions, but we must control the amount so that the body can also take advantage of the energy reserves (accumulated fat) and thus lose weight.

The indicative amount that must be added in the meal and the dinner is the measure of a fist.

Rice, pasta, couscous, bread ... preferably whole, legumes (lentils, chickpeas or beans) and potatoes.


Eggs: 3-4 eggs per week.
Meats: Preferably white (chicken or turkey) and one, maximum two times of red meat (beef)
Recommended sausages: turkey breast, chicken or cooked ham.
Fish: Increases its consumption to the detriment of meat. Try to take at least 3 times a week white fish (hake, sole, cod ...) and 1 or 2 times blue fish (salmon, anchovies, mackerel ...)
Seafood: you can also incorporate it into your recipes as white fish. Clams, cockles, squid, cuttlefish, prawns ...


The most recommended is olive oil (best in raw), although you have to moderate its amount to 2 or 3 tablespoons per day.

You can also add a little avocado or a handful of toasted or raw nuts.

How to combine food
Once we know the recommended foods, we need to know how to combine them in our daily menu.

A good scheme would be the following:

BREAKFAST Lácteo . Example: coffee with skimmed milk
Cereal. Example: 2 toasts (with turkey)

MIDMORNING Fruit . Example: 2 kiwis
FOOD Vegetables. Example: Zucchini cream
Cereal, pulses or tuber . Example: baked potato

Protein Example: Grilled chicken

Lácteo . Example: Skim yogurt

SNACK Fruit . Example: 1 banana
DINNER Vegetables. Example: Green salad
Cereal, legumes or tuber : Example: small brown rice garnish

Protein Example: salmon to the papillote

Lácteo . Example: Skim yogurt

It is as important to choose food well as to cook it properly. The most recommended cooking are those that can be prepared with little fat. If you cook for more than one, calculate the amounts of the recipe in proportion to your diet.

Use the iron and the oven. You can steam or boil. And if you are a little cooker you will surely know how to make a stew or a sauce without going over oil. The trick is to simmer, remove from time to time and add a little broth if you see that it dries or sticks.

In order to carry out the diet you must always have fruits and vegetables at home. Ideally, you should buy a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables at least once a week (for salads, vegetable creams, sauté them, boil them ...). And if the week gets complicated and you do not have time, it's always good to have home-made canned vegetables such as asparagus or artichokes that solve a dinner.

When you buy fish or meat, buy for more than a day and what you do not consume in 1 or 2 days you freeze it. Having eggs in the fridge is always a great resource!

If you have commitments in sight, do not worry! If you go to a restaurant, choose a first salad and something grilled or grilled second, or a carpaccio that are delicious. Try not to drink more than one glass of wine and drink water. And if they invite you to someone's house, just relax, and take moderate rations.

- Spinach sautéed with garlic and potato *.
- Baked anchovies with onions
- Pear.
- Beans painted in their juice *
- Green salad
- Salad with sprouts, cherrys, corn and rice
- Scalloped with grilled chicken breast
- Two pineapple slices
- Chickpeas with raw vegetables such as onions, green and red peppers
- 2 biscuits of bread
- Soup with noodles
- Turkey breast papillot with strips of red pepper, green and steamed mushrooms
- Pear
- Cold cucumber soup *
- Squids with onions*
- Peach
- Vegetables sauteed with rice and minced meat *
- Yogurt with strawberries.


  1. - Cucumber and pepper salad
  2. - Scrambled with prawns and mushrooms
  3. -Bread
  4. - White asparagus puree *
  5. - Grilled sole
  6. - Two slices of watermelon
  7. - Gazpacho with a crumbled hard-boiled egg
  8. - Sliced ??bread with fresh cheese 0%
  9. - Broccoli with potato
  10. - Hake with onion and tomato baked
  11. - Orange
  12. - White asparagus puree *
  13. - Eggplant and onion omelette
  14. - Salad of lamb's lettuce, arugula, carrot, tomato, pickles and tuna with couscous
  15. - Yogurt
  16. - Gazpacho
  17. - Baked gilthead with potato and zucchini

Some recipes from the menu


In a large pot add a tablespoon of olive oil, when hot add 3 cloves of whole garlic and stir so they do not burn and brown. When they are brown add the black beans (which previously have been soaking one day), stir a few minutes, add water (3 times more than the weight of the beans) and 2 bay leaves. Cover the pot and let it boil until they are cooked.


Put a casserole in the fire with 2 tablespoons of oil and a chopped garlic. Once the garlic is poached, add a leek cut into pieces and let it cook for a few minutes. Toss a diced potato and 7 canned white asparagus cut in half. Add a pinch of salt, water from the asparagus and a little water to cover the vegetables. Let it cook over medium heat and once the potato is tender, crush until it is a fine texture.


Cut 5-6 very thin onions. In a large pan add a spoonful of olive oil and when hot fry the squid (just to mark them, they should not be cooked). When they have caught a little color, remove them from the fire. Then, add the onion in the same pan, reduce the heat, add a little water and salt and simmer. When the onion is practically cooked and browned, add the squid and let it cook until they are ready. In about 5 minutes you can serve it.


Peel a cucumber, chop it and pour it into the glass of the blender together with a natural yogurt skimmed without sugar, a chopped onion and the juice of half a lemon. Beat until you have a fine and homogeneous cream. Dress with salt, pepper and dill to taste. Chill in the fridge.


First put the rice to boil with water and salt. Clean and dice diced zucchini, onion, half aubergine and 10 mushrooms.

If you want to go quickly put the onion in the microwave box and cook at full power for 5 minutes, then add the aubergine and zucchini for 5 minutes and finally the mushrooms 3 minutes. Next, sauté in a pan with the minced meat and finally add the rice.

If you prefer you can cook the vegetables in a pan with a spoonful of olive oil over low heat and when they are practically cooked add the meat and finally the rice.

Practicing exercise will help you achieve your goals. Not only increases energy expenditure but it is a healthy habit recommended for everyone. It keeps you in shape, improves your muscle mass, the cardiorespiratory system and, on a psychological level is a great ally: it helps you release tension and improves your perception of body image.

It is important that you find an exercise that you like, if you do not end up looking for excuses not to do it, the benefits of the sport multiply if you enjoy it. From swimming, running, or going by bike, directed activities, team sports, dance or martial arts. There are plenty of sports to choose from. And if you can not do planned exercise, do not forget that daily activity also counts, move! Walk more and climb stairs.

You see, it's not that difficult. Step by step you can achieve your goals.

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